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Roswell - New Mexico

Roswell is a charming and totally unique community that has become famous for not only its UFO's but also for its unique shops and beautiful architecture. On July 3, 1947, rancher W.W. "Mac" Brazel came across the wreckage of a crashed craft on one of his sheep pastures. He showed the strange debris to some neighbors, then alerted the sheriff in Roswell. Over the next few days, the U.S. Army Air Force cleared away the wreckage, and on July 8 issued a press release identifying it as a crashed flying saucer. The next day, the government said it had been mistaken; it was actually a crashed weather balloon. In 1997, Roswell marked the anniversary of the crash -- and 50 years of mystery, investigations, government secrecy, conspiracy theories and allegations of cover-ups.
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Roswell has three alien museums. The UFO Museum and Research Center is the largest, housed in an old theater downtown. Along with equipment and clothing of the 1940s, ample reading material is displayed -- dozens of the affidavits of the eyewitnesses, plus copies of various newspaper stories written at the time. A dummy of an alien used in a TV movie is the most photographed object in the museum. The museum also has a library, filled with books and articles on aliens and UFOs. This museum has no entry fee, unlike the others.

Across the street from the UFO Museum and Research Center is the Alien Resistance Headquarters, funded by three local churches. The proprietor, Guy Malone, is a Christian who says he has seen aliens. He believes they are fallen angels. His mission is to prevent folks from joining cults that are based on contacts with aliens. Those cults, like the Raelians of human cloning fame, say aliens are here to help us, while Malone says the fallen angels mated with human women and created a hybrid race that has brought us the incredible modern day high-technological world that will soon bring the downfall of human society.
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